Registered unemployment declined 4.7% in January

Registered unemployment in Greece totaled 1,039,475 persons in January, down 4.7% from the same month last year and by 0.03% compared with December 2023, the Public Manpower Agency (DYPA) said in a report on Tuesday. 

A total of 500,459 jobless (48.1%) were long-term unemployed (more than 12 months). 

Unemployed men totaled 375,288 in January (36.1% of total), while jobless women came to 664,167 (63.9%). 

The 30-44 age group recorded the largest number of unemployed (336,379 or 32.4% of total). 

Among the country's regions, Attica and Central Macedonia recorded the highest percentage rates (30.1% and 18.6%, respectively) in January. 

A total of 211,988 people received unemployment benefits.

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