Sofia: Zero Fines for Polluting Cars Entering City Center

Despite efforts to curb pollution in Sofia's city center, not a single fine has been issued to vehicles violating the ban on entering the designated low-emission zone. Deputy Mayor for Ecology Nadezhda Bobcheva disclosed this concerning trend during the "Clean Mobility for Sofia" forum organized by the "For the Earth" association, as reported by Sega.

Implemented on December 1 of the preceding year and set to expire on February 29, the ban targets vehicles emitting high levels of exhaust, aiming to preserve air quality in the central area known as the "small ring." The penalties for non-compliance range from BGN 50 to BGN 500 for individuals and BGN 500 to BGN 5,000 for companies, yet the enforcement of these sanctions faces significant hurdles.

One prominent obstacle hindering enforcement efforts is the absence of suitable software capable of recognizing the required emission stickers affixed to vehicles and automatically generating fines for violators. Regrettably, the municipality lacks the technical infrastructure to undertake this task manually, contributing to the lack of fines imposed despite numerous violations observed.

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