Türkiye one step closer to producing own 5th generation warplane: Erdoğan

With the maiden test conducted by the country's first indigenous jet fighter, KAAN, Türkiye has passed another critical phase in endorsing its air defense with its fifth-generation warplanes, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said.

"Today, we witnessed another proud day for the Turkish defense industry. Our national combat aircraft, KAAN, successfully completed its first flight," Erdoğan said during a rally in the central Anatolian town of Afyonkarahisar on Feb. 21.

"Türkiye has reached another critical milestone in developing its own fifth-generation fighter jet," he said. "We have done it, and we will do it more."

Erdoğan's statement came only hours after KAAN made its first test flight in Ankara. "These fighters carry the same bombs the F-16s carry. This warplane is like F-16s," Erdoğan underlined.

"We hope to conclude other tests of KAAN very soon. We will give more surprises to you in the field of defense industry," the president stated.

"Have we done unmanned aircraft, Akıncı and Kızılelma? Just wait and see what comes; we will do more."

Recalling that Türkiye will go to the local elections in 38 days, Erdoğan called on the electors to choose among the candidates that can best deliver for their cities, especially in the Century of Türkiye.

"As we raise the flag of the Century of Türkiye in every political, economic, and military field, we will ensure that our cities keep up," he said.

Criticizing the opposition parties for not introducing meaningful projects and vision for the cities, Erdoğan stressed, "The opposition has no experience in serving the people at all. They even don't have vision."

"When it comes to serving the nation, no any political party can compete with us. We have proven this...

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