We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria With Conditions For GERB - Proposes New Elections

Amidst shifting political dynamics in Bulgaria, the "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition has put forth a memorandum outlining conditions for collaboration with the GERB party following Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's anticipated resignation on March 6. This memorandum, circulated as a proposal, delineates critical areas of reform and cooperation essential for the continuity of governance. Notably, failure to reach an agreement could prompt early parliamentary elections, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Among the provisions of the memorandum are mechanisms for nominations in regulatory bodies and the anti-corruption commission, objectives for judicial and security service reforms, and proposals for the functioning of parliamentary committees, including those investigating high-profile cases such as Martin Bojanov - the Notary. Additionally, changes to the Electoral Code are proposed, reflecting a comprehensive approach to governance reform.

Addressing concerns regarding political maneuvering, the memorandum emphasizes transparency and accountability in appointments to regulatory bodies, advocating for a departure from partisan influence and ensuring fair representation of civil society organizations in the nomination process. Notably, the proposal calls for a cautious approach to nominations, prioritizing candidates with professional qualifications over those with overt political affiliations.

Central to the memorandum is the insistence on a balanced power-sharing arrangement between GERB and "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria," with ministers subject to joint approval and rotational leadership positions established to promote stability and cooperation. Furthermore, the memorandum highlights the...

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