Assault on the highway; There are dead and injured; special forces present VIDEO

The unidentified assailants, who are believed to be Palestinians, got out of a vehicle on the highway this morning and started shooting with automatic weapons at cars that were stuck in the morning rush hour, reports Blic.
Israeli media reports that one person succumbed to injuries on the spot, while two others are in critical condition.

UPDATE terreuraanslag:
Een van de slachtoffers van de schietpartij nabij Ma'ale Adumim is overleden, vertelt MDA-directeur Eli Bin aan Channel 12 News

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Five people were taken to a nearby hospital and the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.
The police announced that they killed two of the attackers, who carried out this attack, which was characterized as terrorist, on the spot, while the third tried to escape and was killed soon after.
A large number of special forces are on the scene.

🔥 Maale Adumim kasabası yakınlarında Siyonist karıtı operasyon
Siyonist medya, igal altındaki Kuds ile Ma'ale Adumim yerleimi arasındaki 1. Karayolunda iki Filistinlinin vurulması sırasında 8 yerleimcinin yaralandığını, 3'nn durumunun kritik olduğunu...@alnujaba

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According to the president of the local authorities who commented on the attack, the highway near Maaleh Adumim is known for constant morning traffic jams, which, he said, "is suitable for planned attacks on Israelis who happen to be there", according to the Jerusalem Post.

The weapons of the terrorists in the attack on Highway 1 East of Jerusalem.3 terrorists who...

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