History in Paintings: 125 Years Since the Birth of Dechko Uzunov (GALLERY)

Photo: Stella Ivanova @novinite.com

"Art is not science and there are no formulas for it. Instinct and intuition, so contraindicated in science, play an exceptional role here. Art starts from the imaginary, from the unknown, and sometimes the end result resembles an equation of the absurd." Dechko Uzunov 1983

On this day in 1899, Dechko Uzunov was born in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak - an artist, public figure and one of the greatest masters of contemporary Bulgarian painting. In 1919, he began his higher education at the State Art Industrial School (now the National Academy of Arts) in the class of Prof. Petko Klisurov.

After that, he went to Munich to specialize under Prof. Carl von Marr, where he got acquainted with the work of masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Diego Velazquez, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, Max Liebermann and Franz von Stuck.

After returning to Bulgaria, he completed his education at the Art Academy in 1924, in the class of Prof. Stefan Ivanov. At the age of 35, he began teaching and became a professor of fine and decorative arts at the Academy of Arts in Sofia, and in 1945 he was appointed rector of the educational institution.

The artistic heritage left behind by Dechko Uzunov is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics, genres and types of fine art. Today, his rich work is part of the collections of many museums and art institutions in Bulgaria. He worked in a variety of fields, including painting, graphics, book illustration and layout, scenography and decorative monumental painting. In addition, he pained in the genres of portrait, nude, landscape, still life, figurative composition with historical, biblical, mythological and contemporary subjects.

Dechko Uzunov also painted murals in various public buildings and...

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