Romania to Hold Two-in-One Elections in June

Romania is set to witness a unique electoral scenario this year as the local elections will coincide with the European elections on June 9, with presidential elections moved to September and parliamentary elections slated for December 8. This decision, announced by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Senate President Nicolae Ciucă of the ruling SDP-NLP coalition, aims to consolidate democratic participation, reports "Digi24".

The agreement also includes plans for a joint union and common electoral lists for the European Parliament elections, signaling a strategic move by the two major parties to confront extremist challenges. "The decision to merge elections is not against democracy; it's an enhancement of democratic processes," stated Prime Minister Ciolacu, emphasizing the importance of stability for the nation.

The merger of elections received swift opposition backlash, with Catalin Drula of the "Save Romania Union" (USR) condemning it as a "crime against democracy". Drula accused the ruling coalition of aiming to establish a single-party dominance in Romania, lamenting the alleged abandonment of right-wing principles and middle-class interests.

Former Prime Minister Ludovic Orban echoed these sentiments, vowing to challenge the merger plan in the Constitutional Court, denouncing it as undemocratic and unconstitutional.

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