Sofia Municipal Council Appoints Deputy Chairs Amid Political Strife

The Sofia Municipal Council (SMC) convened to elect its deputy chairs and members of standing committees, marking a significant development in the city's political landscape.

Five deputy chairpersons were elected, representing various political parties within the council. Among them are Boyko Dimitrov from We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria-Spasi Sofia (WCC-DB-SS), Georgi Georgiev from GERB-SDS, Diana Tonova from BSP, Vili Lilkov from Sinya Sofia, and Sevdelina Petrova from Vazrazhdane.

However, the election process was not without controversy. Regional Governor of Sofia Vyara Todeva recently annulled the previous elections held on February 8 due to procedural irregularities. The subsequent composition of the standing committees largely mirrored the previous lineup, albeit with minor adjustments.

While the appointments proceeded, tensions simmered as political factions jockeyed for influence and control within the council. The distribution of chairmanships among different parties sparked debates, particularly regarding the allocation of key responsibilities related to the city's major challenges.

Sofia Mayor Vassil Terziev expressed concerns over the distribution of chairmanships, emphasizing the need for a more strategic and logical approach to committee assignments. He underscored the importance of addressing the capital's pressing issues through a cohesive and balanced leadership structure.

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