UK most preferred country for Greeks who want to study abroad

The United Kingdom continues to be the first country of choice for Greeks who want to study abroad, based on a survey carried out by marketing research and polling company Kubi Kalloo.

The poll used a sample of 1,700 young people aged 16-34 from France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece, who are interested in studying abroad within the next three years.

In the academic year 2021-22, a total of 7,100 Greeks chose the UK for university studies, bringing them to the eighth place in terms of origin of EU students in British universities. 42% of Greeks indicated the country was their first choice for studying abroad, followed by the US and Germany.

Among the reasons for choosing the UK, respondents cited the high quality of teaching and research, the wide range of programs offered (tailored to students' interests) and the rewarding value of the studies.


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