Athens escape room recreates 20th century history

In one of the rooms, a few files of 'CIA documents' on a desk and newspaper headlines guide players in their mission.

Athens on a winter's day in February, 10.30 a.m. The US-Greece Strategic Dialogue has ended, the Russians are continuing the war in Ukraine, and the crisis in the Middle East is raging. The "agency" has assigned me to investigate a mysterious escape room, one of those places that attracts groups of people eager to solve puzzles or experience a little suspense for fun.

Opposite me, on the ground floor of 16 Lambelet Street in the Athens district of Kolonos, sits Stefanos Lolos, an actor with experience in escape rooms, but also a lover of makeshift construction. "Athens is considered the mecca of escape rooms," he says. "There are so many that people come from Europe and America to play."

I sink deeper into my role, wondering if I can trust him - a journalist must always be vigilant. Besides, Lolos, together with Christos Karasavvidis, co-founders of the production...

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