Bulgarian Police Conduct Special Operation in Sofia Related to Aleksei Petrov Murder

In a swift and targeted move, law enforcement authorities launched a special operation in Sofia, honing in on a building along Cherni Vrah Blvd. where offices of "Lev Ins" and the Union for Economic Initiative of Citizens are located. The operation, confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, is directly linked to the investigation into the murder of Aleksei Petrov.

Initial reports suggested that police activity was centered within the premises of the insurance company, "Lev Ins." However, Yavor Kolev from "Lev Ins" clarified that the operation was targeting the offices of a separate company renting space within the building. Kolev remained uncertain about the exact nature of the police investigation.

Regarding Aleksei Petrov's murder, Kolev specified that investigators had previously searched "Lev Ins" offices on the day of the fatal shooting. Both Kolev and other employees were subsequently questioned as witnesses, shedding light on the thoroughness of the ongoing inquiry.

Notably, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has yet to receive formal notification regarding the police actions, underscoring potential complexities surrounding jurisdiction and procedural protocols.

Witnesses within the building reported that all employees had been assembled on the 3rd and 5th floors, suggesting a disruption to regular activities as the operation unfolded.

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