‘Champion’ of food inflation

In January Greece had the highest food inflation, not only among the member-states of the eurozone, but also among the 27 member-states of the European Union.

This alarming lead is revealed by Eurostat's final figures for the harmonized index of consumer prices, released on Thursday, just eight days before the new anti-inflation measures recently introduced by the government start applying. It is recalled that the harmonized consumer price index in Greece was at 3.2% in January 2024, against 2.8% in the eurozone.

Food inflation in Greece stood at 8.3% in January compared to 5.4% in the eurozone and 5.1% in the EU, while very high price increases were recorded in Greece on an annual basis in a number of basic food items.

In olive oil, a 67.4% price increase was recorded in January compared to January 2023, the second highest after Portugal (69.1%), while at the...

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