OSCE Parliamentary Assembly: "The elections in Serbia were legitimate and democratic"

He stated this in a written statement published at the winter session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Vienna.
Tilki said that Hungary sends its most sincere congratulations to the Serbian Progressive Party and its political allies on the election victory.
"Lately, after the general elections in the Republic of Serbia, we encountered various accusations regarding the integrity of the electoral process. Hungary rejects these allegations. Let me assure you that the Government of Hungary considers the results of the republican, provincial and local elections on December 17 in Serbia to be legitimate. Although there were some opposing views about irregularities, the elections were held in a democratic manner. We paid special attention to the ODIHR reports and announcements about their findings regarding the elections. Hungary participated in an international election monitoring mission with several experts, who confirmed these findings," said Tilki.
He highlighted the experience of the Hungarian national minority in the inclusive election process as a positive example.
"There have been some accusations about inclusivity election and electoral process. We have seen the opposite and are pleased to share our positive experience with regard to the representation and participation of national minorities - the case of Vojvodina Hungarians is an excellent example of this positive experience. Also, we follow with great interest the political process of the formation of the new Government of the Republic of Serbia, seeing the Union of Vojvodina Hungarians in the new ruling coalition," Tilki said. He stated that Hungary sees Serbia as a factor of peace and stability in the Western Balkans, and that Hungary will do its best to speed up the...

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