Bulgaria Stands with Ukraine: Prime Minister Denkov's Message of Solidarity

In a heartfelt address marking the two-year anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov reiterated Bulgaria's unwavering support for its ally in the face of Russian aggression.

Denkov's statement, released by the Council of Ministers' press service, reflects on the devastating impact of the war initiated by Russia, describing it as an "unprovoked, absurd war" that has brought immense suffering to the Ukrainian people.

"An unprovoked, absurd war that shook the democratic world," Denkov emphasized, referring to Russia's actions as a violation of human rights and international law.

The Prime Minister highlighted Bulgaria's commitment to upholding democratic values, emphasizing that the country stands firmly with Ukraine in its fight for peace and freedom. "Our country made its choice a long time ago - to be a peaceful, democratic, free European country," Denkov affirmed.

Throughout the address, Denkov emphasized Bulgaria's ongoing support for Ukraine, ranging from political and humanitarian aid to military assistance. "Bulgaria was among the first countries to help Ukraine at the beginning of the war," he stated proudly.

Denkov expressed confidence that justice will prevail, asserting that "Russia cannot win this war" and affirming Bulgaria's solidarity with Ukraine in its pursuit of a just peace.

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