Court Releases Actor Hristo Shopov: No Evidence of Firearm Threat Found

In a recent development, the Sofia District Court has decided to release actor Hristo Shopov from arrest, implementing a "signature" measure in lieu of detention. Shopov had been accused of threatening to kill a woman on February 23, prompting legal proceedings against him.

The court's decision stemmed from a thorough examination of the evidence and circumstances surrounding the case. While it acknowledged allegations of threats made by Shopov, the court found insufficient grounds to substantiate claims of wielding a firearm during the incident. However, evidence suggested that verbal threats of death were indeed made in English, raising concerns about the victim's physical safety.

Crucially, the court deemed that there was no imminent risk of Shopov committing further offenses or fleeing from justice. Notably, Shopov's clean criminal record also factored into the court's decision to release him from custody.

Prior to the court's ruling, the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office had formally charged Shopov with threatening to kill, marking a significant step in the legal proceedings against the actor.

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