Instagram’s uneasy rise as a news site

Mosheh Oinounou of Mo News and his co-host, Jill Wagner, record a daily news podcast in New York on February 7. In this year's presidential election, more people are turning to Instagram for news, even as the platform tries de-emphasizing political content. [DeSean McClinton-Holland/The New York Times]

On a recent Wednesday in New York City, Mosheh Oinounou, a former producer for CBS, Bloomberg News and Fox News, swiped through Instagram. He had started his morning reading major newspapers and more than a dozen newsletters. Then he spent much of the day turning many of the articles into posts on his Instagram account, under the handle Mo News.

A Wall Street Journal story on aging Americans was relayed through a picture of a cake declaring, "Record Number of Americans Will Turn 65 This Year: Wealthy, Active, And Single." At times, Oinounou, an affable 41-year-old, has also appeared on camera with the co-host of his daily news podcast to explain the significance of how Republican presidential candidates were polling and why President Joe Biden was a write-in candidate in New Hampshire.

The content has earned Mo News 436,000 Instagram followers, turning what had been a...

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