Ongoing discussion on minimum wage increase

File photo. [Shutterstock]

Discussions are underway this Sunday for the new minimum wage increase, effective April 1.

Initiated on February 5, the process involves consultations scheduled to conclude by March 22, presenting recommendations to set the minimum wage. 

This marks the fourth consecutive increase by the government, from 650 euros in 2019 to €780 in April 2023. 

Notably, the new hike precedes the summer season and extends to the tourism sector. The aim is to boost workers' incomes and maintain economic competitiveness. 

The Labor Ministry assured that the government's commitment to a minimum wage of €950 and an average wage of €1,500 over a four-year horizon will be fully implemented, highlighting that this is an entirely realistic and achievable goal.

Additionally, the government is exploring measures to provide targeted support for small businesses, aiming to...

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