İYİ Party unveils election manifesto for local polls

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener has revealed her party's election manifesto for the upcoming mayoral polls, marking a clear approach of opting out of any alliances.

The manifesto, released in the capital Ankara, emphasizes issues including addressing irregular migration, combating poverty and initiating urban transformation.

"We, as the İYİ Party, will never allow illegals and asylum seekers to establish islands of ethnic life and miniature Syrias in our cities where they only serve each other with the businesses they establish in the ghettos they have created in our cities," Akşener declared during the manifesto launch event.

Central to the party's agenda is the urgent commencement of urban transformation projects in areas densely populated by "illegal and refugee" communities. Additionally, Akşener pledged a regulatory crackdown on signage featuring foreign letters in these localities, vowing to swiftly remove non-compliant signs and billboards.

Critiquing the shift to the presidential system in 2017, which saw the abolition of the prime minister's office and the transition from a parliamentary government to an executive presidency, Akşener voiced concerns about the "erosion of political institutions."

"A politics without a nation, which they call 'alliance system', has almost captured our nation," she remarked, while asserting her party's commitment to a "free and detached" run.

She also outlined plans for municipalities to prioritize support for youth, children, women and pensioners in poverty alleviation efforts.

Moreover, the İYİ Party leader promised to execute urban transformation projects in municipalities situated in high-risk natural disaster zones, emphasizing a transparent and participatory...

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