Bulgaria Bans Entry of Alleged Russian Spies: SANS Takes Action (UPDATED)

In a bold move aimed at safeguarding national security, Bulgaria's State Agency "National Security" (SANS) has imposed a strict entry ban on two individuals suspected of espionage on behalf of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation.


The Russian spies identified by SANS in Bulgaria, Vladimir Nikolayevich Gorochkin and Tatiana Anatolievna Gorochkina, have undergone significant visual alterations, as evident from photos available to BNT.

Before - After

Under the aliases Denis Rashkov and Diana Rashkova, the couple, aged 39 and 37 respectively, resided in Bulgaria undetected until recently. However, BNT sources assure that they posed no immediate threat to national security.

Before - After

Vladimir and Tatiana were operating as illegal agents for the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. Their primary objective in Bulgaria was to acquire authentic Bulgarian identity documents and establish a credible background under their new foreign identities.

Following their exposure, both individuals have been subjected to a coercive administrative measure, prohibiting their entry and residence in EU member states for a duration of five years. This action was taken based on evidence indicating their involvement in activities detrimental to the country's security.

The ban, issued by the chairman of SANS, targets Russian citizens Vladimir Nikolayevich Gorochkin and Tatyana Anatolievna Gorochkina. Born in Kaliningrad and the Saratov Region of Russia respectively, the pair have been identified as alleged illegal spies and are now barred from entering the territory of the European Union for a...

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