Interview of famous dead man came to light: "When you interview me in a decade..."

In that interview, he talked about his hope for a better future for Russia, as well as the risks he knew he was taking. In that interview, he also lashed out at "corrupt officials" who live in London and help Vladimir Putin's regime hide dirty money.
The interview took place in February 2020 and is believed to be one of the last Navalny gave while he was fully healthy.
In August 2020, Navalny was poisoned while on a flight to Moscow. The extensive interview talks about his hopes for the future of Russia as part of Europe, his personal security, but also the behavior of Britain and the West, which allow Putin's associates to get away with it.
"The West does nothing at all, I would say. There are some ritual dances, but nothing actually happens. Why do corrupt officials still live in London? Because those corrupt officials feed a huge number of wonderful London lawyers," Navalny said on that occasion.
"Those people will seem very civilized, we will be glad to talk to them if they sit next to us, wear a tie and behave nicely, and at the same time they serve the interests of ultimate, complete bandits," Navalny added at the time.
In a never-before-seen interview, Navalny talked about his expectations and hopes. "Russia is a European country, all the people who live here want to live like Europe. That's why I hope that in 10 years, if you interview me again, I will be able to tell you how we managed to overcome corrupt money laundering," he emphasized.
The interview, obtained by Sky News, was recorded as part of the documentary series "After the Fall", which has not been shown, directed by Matthew Thorne and produced by Andrew Duncan. Let us remind you that the man who was considered the loudest critic of Russian President Vladimir...

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