Media: The killers of the famous MMA fighter Stefan Savić have been identified

According to unofficial information reported by Blic, criminal police inspectors working on the case of the murder of Stefan Savi (23), a well-known MMA fighter, have identified the suspects for that crime.
Allegedly, the suspected men were already in a certain kind of conflict with the murdered Stefan Savi.
"Stefan knew those guys and allegedly they already had a problem. What they got involved with has yet to be determined," says the Informer source from the investigation.
Earlier today, the coach of the murdered Stefan also spoke out, saying that they still don't know when the funeral will be.
"We still don't know when the funeral will take place. We will now go to the hospital to visit the young man who tried to save Stefan, and was wounded himself. He is a hero, a hero for us," the coach told the crowd at the scene of the crime on Dorol where Stefan Savi, an MMA fighter, was stabbed to death at the corner of Dunavska and Dobraina streets.
After the family, friends, and acquaintances of the murdered young man lit candles in his honor, the coach told everyone that he would go to the hospital with Stefan M. (32), a young man who was caught and stabbed in a car on Terazije at the moment when he was in front of a Dorcol night club where the body of Stefan Savi was found.

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