Navalny's Death: Shocking Revelations of a Proposed Exchange Plan

Shocking revelations have emerged surrounding the tragic death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, with claims suggesting a sinister plot involving a proposed exchange orchestrated by Bulgarian investigative journalist Christo Grozev.

According to Maria Pevchikh, a close associate of Navalny, Grozev had prepared a plan for the exchange of Navalny for Vadim Krasikov, a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agent convicted in Germany for murder. Pevchikh alleges that negotiations for this exchange were in their final stages before Navalny's untimely demise.

In an exclusive interview, Pevchikh disclosed details of the proposed exchange, stating, "After the start of the war (in Ukraine) it became clear that Navalny must be urgently released from prison. We as his team couldn't help but work for it. And we worked. It was clear that Putin would stop at nothing. He has already killed tens of thousands of people. The exchange was one of the ways Navalny was saved."

Pevchikh further revealed that the plan, devised two years ago, involved humanitarian exchanges of Russian spies for political prisoners. Grozev's role, she claims, was instrumental in identifying and exposing these spies, while efforts were made to compile lists of individuals in need of release from Russian prisons.

Despite extensive negotiations and efforts spanning two years, Pevchikh alleges that foreign officials, including those from the United States and Germany, failed to act decisively. However, she commended the bravery of those involved in the negotiations, some of whom risked their lives for the cause.

The proposed exchange gained traction in December 2023, with reports hinting at its possibility. However, Pevchikh asserts that Navalny...

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