New Demonstrations By Polish Farmers

As reported by AFP, Polish farmers blocked a major highway to Germany on Sunday in the latest similar protest against EU regulations and taxes.

For weeks, farmers throughout Europe have been staging protests against what they see as excessively stringent environmental regulations, competition from inexpensive imports originating from non-European Union nations, and insufficient incomes.

Farmers from Poland blocked the A2 motorway near Slubice in the eastern region near the German border on Sunday.

"The blockade started at 13:00. Traffic in both directions on the A2 motorway was halted", said Senior Sergeant Eva Murmilo from the KPP in Slubice, as cited by AFP.

At first, the farmers had intended to conduct a 25-day blockade but opted to shorten it following talks with local representatives, businesses, and transportation providers. Dariusz Wrobel, one of the leaders of the Polish farmers, stated, "They have decided to 'most likely unblock the road tomorrow". EU agriculture ministers are scheduled to meet in Brussels on Monday.

The Polish farmers state that they are directed towards the European Union's initiative known as the Green Deal concerning energy, transportation, and taxation, which constitutes a part of the effort by the 27 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, Polish farmers are obstructing border crossings along the Ukrainian border, alleging unfair competition. On Friday, a Ukrainian delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Ukraine arrived at the border. Ukraine's president Volodymir Zelenski's request for immediate discussions regarding the border blockades by Polish farmers was declined.

An official meeting between representatives of the Polish and Ukrainian...

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