Ryanair: Increase In Ticket Prices Is Expected

Wikimedia Commons

Airline tickets during the peak summer months in Europe are likely to increase in price again this year by up to 10%, according to Ryanair, due to issues with Boeing and Airbus planes.

The boss of Ryanair said that holidaymakers will face higher fares this summer due to the delayed delivery of new Boeing planes. Chief executive Michael O'Leary said that the delayed delivery of the planes will constrain capacity for passengers. He said that as a result, Ryanair's ticket prices could be up to 10% more expensive this summer.

Ryanair may need to reduce its summer schedules, which are built around the expected delivery of 50 out of the 57 Boeing Max 737-8200 aircraft that have already been ordered, said Michael O'Leary.

Boeing has come under investigation following a January incident where a component of one of its aircraft blew out during a passenger flight. Although the Alaska Airlines passenger flight didn't result in significant injuries, it necessitated an emergency landing.

Significant worries have been raised regarding the quality control of Boeing's latest airplanes, resulting in a decrease in the pace of production.

O'Leary also mentioned that prices would be higher partly due to issues with the Pratt & Whitney engines on Airbus A320 aircraft, which has led some airlines, including Wizz Air and Lufthansa, to ground some of their planes.

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