There’s good reason to worry about Egypt

Palestinians check destruction after an Israeli strike in Rafah, Gaza Strip, on Feb. 24, 2024. [Fatima Shbair/AP]

Ask almost any European official specializing in security matters what keeps them up at night, and they'll probably answer "Egypt." The crisis in the Middle East is most certainly threatening the stability of what is the most important country in the Arab world right now and everyone knows that if Egypt falls, the crisis this would spark would reverberate far beyond Greece or Italy, all the way across Europe.

Egypt is already hosting half a million refugees from countries like Sudan. Now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening a ground offensive against Rafah, which means that around 1.5 million Palestinians would be forced to flee to Egypt. Cairo has drawn a red line against such a move, warning that it would shatter the status quo of Egyptian-Israeli relations.

American and European officials have been explaining to Netanyahu how an assault on...

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