Expert on Alexander the Great weighs into debate about docudrama on his life

A statue of Alexander the Great, astride his horse, is seen in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, in a file photo. Commenting on reactions from some viewers concerning the depiction of the Macedonian general's relationship with his childhood friend, Professor Paul Cartledge dismisses concerns about whether or not he was gay as an 'anachronism.' [Petros Giannakouris/AP]

"Alexander the Great: The Making of a God" is the title of a new docudrama on the Netflix platform, which raised a storm of reactions, with the Greek minister of culture, Lina Mendoni, labeling it "of poor content and low quality." Kathimerini contacted Dr Paul Cartledge, professor emeritus of Greek culture at the University of Cambridge and author of the book "Alexander the Great: The Truth, Behind the Myth," and asked him about the validity of the suggestions about the life of the famous general, such as the Alexander-Hephaestion "relationship" and whether, ultimately, the Greek Ministry of Culture should take action against those who exploit Greek history arbitrarily.

Professor Cartledge, based on your deep historical knowledge, I would like to ask your opinion on the recent Netflix docudrama "Alexander: The Making of a God"?

My reaction is mixed....

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