Hydra frigate joins EU’s Aspides operation

The Hydra frigate of the Hellenic Navy set sail on Monday night from Salamina to the Naval Station of Crete in Souda from where it will head to the Red Sea, in the framework of the Aspides (Shield) operation of the European Union to protect safe navigation to and from the Suez Canal.

It was dispatched following the formal approval by the Governmental Council for National Security (KYSEA) and the official announcements by Defense Minister Nikos Dendias. "Greece as a power with a leading role in global shipping attaches huge significance to the need of safeguarding the freedom of navigation, as well as the lives of Greek seafarers," said Dendias.

It should be noted that Greece has assumed the onshore command of the operation with the European Command Headquarters in Larissa, under Commander-in-Chief Vassilis Gryparis. Dendias also stressed the economic impact of the...

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