Illegal migrant inspections to be tightened in Istanbul

The Interior Ministry has heightened its scrutiny over illegal migrants in Istanbul, nearly doubling the number of checkpoints dispersed throughout the city, Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced.

The security forces will now conduct inspections at over 100 points in the bustling metropolis, the most populous city of the country with more than 15 million people and estimated to host the largest number of migrants in Türkiye, Yerlikaya noted during a press conference on Feb. 27.

Elaborating on the inspection process, Yerlikaya explained that each migration inspection vehicle is staffed with an interpreter and a migration expert to facilitate fingerprint checks on suspected illegal migrants. The database is then scrutinized for documents pertaining to the foreigner's residency permits.

Underscoring the efficacy of the extensive vehicle inspections in identifying numerous irregular migrants, the minister asserted that since the implementation of this initiative on July 19, 2023, approximately 60,000 migrants have been detained and sent to deportation centers.

Yerlikaya also outlined the four-phase plan followed by Turkish authorities in their struggle against irregular migration.

"First, addressing the issue at its source, meaning proactively resolving it before migrants set foot in the country. Second, implementing effective border security measures. Third, conducting efficient detection and apprehension within the country. Fourth, establishing expedited processes for deportation. We consistently carry out these efforts in line with our civilization and humanitarian values without compromising public order and security," he remarked.

Providing the latest data on combating irregular migration and human traffickers, Yerlikaya...

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