The leader of one state said: "We want to help Ukraine, we defeated the Serbs"

According to him, that help is very tangible, operative and useful.
"We tried to focus our military support precisely by donating various types of equipment to the Ukrainian army," he said.
In addition, as he adds, Croatia participates in the economic, financial, humanitarian and political support of Ukraine. Plenkovi, however, said that the focus of his speech at the summit in Paris was the Croatian experience of victory in the Homeland War (against Serbia) despite unfavorable circumstances.
"That experience is unique and we want to pass it on to Ukrainians. We have been advocating that for a number of years, especially from 2014 to 2022. It is the experience of the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube region, which we considered to be the best model for the reintegration of temporarily occupied Ukrainian areas," Plenkovi said.

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