Oops, Where's the Sword? Zelensky's Hilarious Exchange at Press Conference with Bulgarian PM (VIDEO)

During a joint press conference between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, an unexpected moment unfolded as Denkov presented a symbolic gift to Zelensky (or tried to). The Bulgarian Prime Minister offered a replica of Khan Kubrat's sword, intending to symbolize the enduring ties between the two nations. However, the exchange took an amusing turn when Zelensky interrupted Denkov, admitting he hadn't seen the gift.

Denkov, in his attempt to explain the significance of the gift, remarked, "Before we part, I would like to say that as a sign of our wonderful centuries-old ties with Ukraine, today we presented President Volodymyr Zelensky with a replica of Khan Kubrat's sword with two different symbols." He went on to elaborate on the symbolism behind the sword, emphasizing unity and the historical connection between Khan Kubrat and the lands of Ukraine.

However, Zelensky interjected, humorously admitting, "I didn't see it... no sword yet." Despite this light-hearted moment, Denkov continued to describe the significance of the gift, expressing Bulgaria's solidarity with Ukraine in its current challenges. He stressed the importance of unity and support amid difficult times, extending Bulgaria's commitment to stand by Ukraine.

While Zelensky may have missed the physical presentation of the gift, he affirmed Ukraine's appreciation for the gesture, stating, "Usually, when they give us something, I always say thank you very, very much." Despite the playful exchange, the underlying message of solidarity and support between the two nations remained evident.

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