Study: Bulgarians Listen To Pop-Folk The Most

Bulgarians listen to pop and pop-folk music the most, according to a study by the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP), cited by BTA. The research was conducted by the "Trend" agency among 1010 respondents.

Approximately one-third of the participants in the "Trend" survey indicated that they usually listen to pop and pop-folk music. In total, 28% prefer light music, 24% - rock, and 20% - folk music. According to Dimitra Voeva from "Trend", people with higher education tend to prefer pop music over pop-folk. Pop-folk is more popular among people aged between 20 and 50, those with lower levels of education, and often among those living in rural areas.

The research reveals that among the top five most popular music genres in Bulgaria, three are local: pop-folk, light music, and folk music. The survey initiators note a global trend where music listeners show a preference for local genres, termed "glocalization". Petia Tocharova, the executive director of BAMP, illustrates this with examples such as France, where 49% of the population enjoys chanson and variety, Japan, where 65% prefer J-pop, and turbo-folk is favored in Croatia.

Approximately 46 %of the survey participants reported listening to music daily, with 42 % expressing a preference for just one genre. The majority of Bulgarians typically listen to songs and music while at home or driving in their cars. The primary source of music is radio, favored by 39 %, followed by television at 27 %. Although the growth rates are slower compared to other nations, Bulgaria is gradually shifting towards increased music consumption via digital platforms, as indicated by BAMP.

Digital platforms offer both free and paid versions, with the latter providing more benefits to users. According...

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