Two mountaineers defy winter weather to scale Mount Ağrı peak

In a daring feat of mountaineering, two intrepid climbers from Bursa and Ankara, took on an unprecedented challenge in the history of the Türkiye Mountaineering Federation (TDF) and reached the peak of Mount Ağrı in Türkiye's east during treacherous winter conditions.

The 2024 Mount Ağrı winter climb organized by the TDF took place with the participation of 30 climbers, ten of whom were women.

After assembling at a hotel in Ağrı, the team set off from a 2,200-altitude hamlet accompanied by Technical Director Şahap Eryılmaz with an aim to reach the apex of the mountain, which is the highest in Türkiye.

The ascent presents a formidable challenge, not solely due to its height, but also because the region of Ağrı experiences some of the harshest winters in the country.

After spending the night in a campsite at an altitude of 3,000 meters, the teams started their trek after midnight and reached 4,200 meters by the morning. However, the technical director and the technical team evaluated that it was too late to attempt a climb to the peak considering the harsh winter conditions and notified the team to return.

Despite the technical team's decision to turn back, Ömer Faruk Kaya, the head of Bursa Uludağ Mountaineering Club and two mountaineers stated that they wanted to continue the trek.

After permission was granted, the climbers set off to the peak from 4,200 meters before one of the climbers chose to return 100 meters later.

Against the cold weather and wind, the remaining two climbers reached the summit of Mount Ağrı at an altitude of 5,137 meters and had their photos taken together.

The skilled climbers, who ran out of water on the way, quenched their thirst by drinking the snow water they melted with the...

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