İYİ Party vice-chair joins list of resignations

İYİ (Good) Party lawmaker Cem Karakeçili has announced his resignation from the party, revealing his decision through a post on his social media account.

Karakeçili, who served as the party's vice president and was in charge of local governments and represented Şanlıurfa in the parliament, took to social media to express his grievances on Feb. 26.

In his post, he directed criticism towards party leader Meral Akşener, citing concerns about the direction in which the party was heading.

The deputy went on to describe the party's administration as a "source of political noise," emphasizing the disconnect.

"At this point, the administration of the party has turned into a situation where one person has the gavel, and the drum is in the hands of another," he wrote on X.

The internal turmoil within the İYİ Party escalated following its decision last December to break away from the electoral cooperation with the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP). The strategic alliance had played a crucial role in securing victories in key battlegrounds, including Istanbul and Ankara, during the 2019 polls.

The fallout from the party's decision to go solo in the upcoming elections has been notable, with a wave of resignations and dismissals among prosecutors and key figures within the party administration.

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