Brnabić: Media of the United Group publish nonsense about the ODIHR Report

"I regret that I am holding this conference before the final report that will come out later today. But the fact is that I had to do this because certain media within the United Group already yesterday, even though the report had not even been finalized, "exclusively" started citing things from the final report of the ODIHR, which hasn't happened so far in any country," Brnabi said at the press conference.
According to her, it shows serious disrespect for the final report of the ODIHR, but it is good that they also see what we in Serbia are facing.
"They did that in order to continue forming a false narrative that has been being created for months. That's why I had to react and say what I assume will be found in the final report of the ODIHR, so that we disrupt listening to nonsense and lies, from people who could not wait for the report to be published. They had to hurry in order to form their false narrative," said Brnabi.

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