Drones Strike Odesa from Black Sea, Ukrainian Troops Withdraw from Villages

Odesa, a key Ukrainian city, came under attack late last night as drones launched strikes from the Black Sea. Reports from international agencies detailed the ominous sound of explosions echoing across different parts of the city.

At 21:25 local time, air raid sirens pierced the night, prompting city and regional authorities to urgently advise residents of Odesa and surrounding areas to seek shelter until the air threat was deemed clear.

Simultaneously, the Ukrainian military announced its withdrawal from two additional villages near the eastern town of Avdiivka, previously seized by Russian forces earlier this month, according to Reuters.

A senior Ukrainian commander disclosed that Ukrainian troops had reinforced new defensive positions to the west of Avdiivka, a strategic move following Russia's recent gains. Ukrainian military spokesman Dmytro Likhovy confirmed the withdrawal from the villages of Severne and Stepove, emphasizing heavy clashes in Severne before the retreat. He noted that Ukrainian forces incurred losses but inflicted significant casualties on Russian forces.

Likhovy outlined that the army's strategic retreat aimed to regroup along the eastern front line, positioning themselves for more robust defense against further Russian advances.

Before the invasion, Severne and Steppe were sparsely populated areas, each home to less than 100 residents, Reuters reports, citing BTA.

Russia's defense ministry asserted its capture of Severne, marking a significant milestone in the "special military operation" initiated two years ago.

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