Navalny's Wife Urges EU: Combat Putin's Regime by Targeting Mafia Networks

Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, delivered a powerful speech at the European Parliament, urging European Union countries to combat the influence of organized crime and corruption as a means to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In her impassioned address, Navalnaya emphasized the need for innovative approaches in confronting Putin, asserting that traditional measures such as resolutions and sanctions have proven ineffective against the entrenched power structure in Russia. She characterized Putin not as a typical politician, but as the leader of a ruthless criminal enterprise, orchestrating poisonings and murders to maintain control.

Navalnaya called for a shift in strategy, advocating for a focus on uncovering financial crimes and rooting out the networks of individuals who enable Putin's regime to launder money and evade accountability. She stressed the importance of collaboration with the millions of Russians who oppose Putin's rule, presenting them as valuable allies in the fight for justice and democracy.

Her speech resonated strongly with members of the European Parliament, who responded with a standing ovation, expressing solidarity with Navalny's cause. President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, echoed Navalnaya's sentiments, condemning Navalny's murder and calling for an independent international investigation into the matter.

Highlighting Navalny's unwavering commitment to combating corruption and advocating for a democratic Russia, Metsola praised his courage in the face of adversity and emphasized the resilience of the Russian people in the pursuit of freedom. She credited Navalny and his family for inspiring hope and driving positive change, asserting that...

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