Skrekas promises price reductions from Friday

Labels on a supermarket shelf indicate the products that have been included in the permanent price reduction measure, which aims for more affordable goods. [INTIME NEWS]

"From Friday onward, when the package of measures we have taken to deal with soaring prices will be implemented in its entirety, we will see prices that are up to 15% lower in important product categories. Categories such as household cleaning products, personal hygiene products, baby diapers, but also a series of consumer goods that are essential in the life of households," Development Minister Kostas Skrekas said on Tuesday, on public boradcaster ERT1.

Regarding the price of baby formula, he said the prices will approach the European average after March 1.

Skrekas announced that the price reductions in baby formula and in all product categories will be made public, so that consumers can see what the price of these products was before the implementation of the measures and after the implementation of the measures.

"We all recognize that the foremost issue that...

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