Sons of Opy Zouni root out fakes attributed to their artist mom

The officers of the Attica Security Directorate's Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities confiscated artwork attributed to the artist Opy Zouni, some of which were forgeries. An 80-year-old gallery owner was arrested. Zouni was one of Greece's most important proponents of geometric abstraction. 

Yannis Zounis had learned to identify his mother's works. He didn't only have a detailed photographic archive she had left him and his brother to consult. Whenever Opy Zouni, the famed Greek artist, finished a painting or other creation, she would show it to her family first. "Look at it," she would tell them. "Because one day you will have to identify them." The experienced eyes of her two sons, Yannis and Petros, traveled through her geometric compositions and could identify her style every time.

In late November, however, a work appeared at auction that aroused their suspicions. It resembled an older acquisition from the collection of a major institution. It seemed odd to them that it was for sale. They saw it up close and realized that something was wrong. "My mother played with perspective in her work. In the fake, the eye doesn't travel," Yannis Zounis told Kathimerini...

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