Ukraine Warns of Impending 'Maidan-3' Operation by Russia!

Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) and Military Intelligence Service (GUR) have issued a stark warning about Russia's alleged plans to orchestrate "Maidan-3," aimed at undermining the legitimacy of decisions made after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's term ends. The operation, described as a coordinated effort by Russia, seeks to sow doubt among Ukrainians regarding Zelensky's authority to govern post-May 20, when his mandate expires.

According to the SBU and GUR, Russia's strategy involves creating uncertainty around Zelensky's ability to make decisions, with the ultimate goal of sidelining Ukraine from international dialogues on the ongoing conflict. The timeframe for the operation is purportedly set between March and May, coinciding with the lead-up to Zelensky's term conclusion, during which protest movements will be orchestrated globally.

The announcement comes amid escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine, particularly in the Avdiivka region, where Russia has reportedly made significant advancements in recent weeks. The Ukrainian parliament has already reached a consensus to postpone presidential elections scheduled for March 31, citing the conditions of martial law and logistical challenges that would disenfranchise some citizens. Zelensky has emphasized the need for legislative reforms before holding elections.

GUR spokesman Andriy Yusov underscored the potential repercussions of Russia's destabilization efforts, stating that widespread protests and distrust in the government would be perceived as a success for Moscow. Zelensky had previously warned of Russia's intentions to destabilize Ukraine, noting the Kremlin's desire to remove him from power by the end of 2023.

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