Death Toll Climbs in Gaza Exceeding 30,000

The health authorities in Gaza have reported that the number of Palestinians killed in the ongoing conflict with Israel has surpassed 30,000, according to a report from BTA. The Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Territory released a statement confirming 79 casualties in Israeli airstrikes overnight, although this information has not been independently verified.

The death toll continues to climb as efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and the release of hostages intensify ahead of the beginning of Ramadan. The conflict erupted on October 7 last year when Hamas launched attacks on Israel, resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,200 people, predominantly civilians.

Medical facilities in northern Gaza are facing a critical shortage of essential supplies to treat the influx of injured patients. This scarcity poses a grave threat to severely wounded individuals, potentially condemning them to death. Patients are forced to remain in hospitals, awaiting vital medical supplies and the availability of medical staff.

Tragically, the wait for medical assistance is prolonged, and by the time doctors or nurses are able to attend to patients, it may already be too late. Numerous documented instances of such delays have been reported at hospitals like Kamal Adwan Hospital, the Indonesian Hospital, and most recently, al-Shifa Hospital.

These circumstances contribute to the anticipation of a rising death toll resulting from the morning's attack near Gaza City.

The assault targeting individuals awaiting assistance near Gaza City represents state-sponsored terrorism aimed at coercing military leaders, including Hamas, into making concessions. This tactic allows Israel to exploit its war crimes for political gain.

The unfolding events can...

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