Gaziantep cuisine among top 10 in the world

Türkiye's southeastern province of Gaziantep, which has recently ranked ninth among the world's best gastronomy cities as chosen by a world-renowned rating company, continues promoting its dishes internationally.

Registered by UNESCO in 2015 in the field of gastronomy, Gaziantep has made a name for itself with its kebabs, beyran, yuvalama, baklava and katmer, as well as its 99 registered dishes.

Gaziantep cuisine ranked ninth in the world's best food and drink list selected by TasteAtlas, the online travel and gastronomy guide that pioneers the recognition of traditional flavors all over the world.

Chef Doğa Çitçi said that it is a matter of pride for Gaziantep cuisine to be in the top 10 list, and continued:

"Gaziantep is a city that was first registered in the field of gastronomy in Türkiye and is now among the top 10 cities in the world in terms of food and beverage by the world-famous rating company. Of course, since it is a rich cuisine, it is normal for it to be on this list. As a city of gastronomy, it is on this list for its tastes as well as a wide variety of products and food."

Speaking about Gaziantep cuisine and food culture, Çitçi said that their main goal is to transform Gaziantep dishes to future generations.

"Gaziantep cuisine has a history of nearly 12,000 years. Since it was one of the first cities in the world where people moved to a settled life, it has hosted 21 civilizations. On the other hand, the city's location on the Silk Road has led to the formation of a food culture in Gaziantep, and there is a food culture that has been passed through generations. Its cuisine is mentioned with the name of the city is Gaziantep."

Stating that Gaziantep cuisine is not made up of just a few dishes, Çitçi...

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