Diplomacy forum focuses on Gaza amid continued Israeli offensive

The Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) was launched on March 1 with an emphasis on the continued tragedy in Gaza as Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan reiterated Ankara's calls for an urgent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which would be followed by efforts to find a lasting solution to the decades-old question.

The three-day forum that brings 19 heads of state and governments, dozens of foreign ministers, academics, and think tanks across the world together was officially opened by the address of Foreign Minister Fidan.

"What is happening in Gaza is the clearest sign of the legitimacy crisis of the international system. The picture of Gaza is displaying a moment of disaster where the hypocrisy of the international system is revealed in an undisguised way," said Fidan in his opening address.

Although the entire world, including the Islamic world and global south as well as conscious people of the West are demanding an urgent ceasefire, the perpetrators of the massacre do not listen to this outcry, the Turkish minister recalled, suggesting the importance of implementing diplomacy to end the bloodshed.

"Whatever needs to be done will be done now to prevent massacres like those in Gaza," Fidan said, underlining that Türkiye will continue to do its best to end the violence and start negotiations for a lasting agreement.

"We have been expressing since the beginning of the crisis that we are ready to assume responsibility, including guarantorship, together with the countries in the region," he said.

 Ministers met at a special panel on Gaza

Following the opening of the forum, a special panel devoted to the developments in Gaza was organized with the participation of foreign ministers of Türkiye, Palestine...

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