Kovacevic: Gas interconnectors strengthen Serbia's position as transit country

BAKU - State Secretary at Serbia's Ministry of Mining and Energy Veljko Kovacevic said on Friday in Baku that, by completing a natural gas interconnector with Bulgaria, Serbia had attained the possibility to connect to various gas supply sources, which he noted could improve its energy security and bolster its position as a gas transit country.

"Until recently, Serbia had only one natural gas source and two supply routes. By completing the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria interconnector and putting it into trial operation in December last year, we have attained the possibility to connect to the Southern Gas Corridor via the Bulgaria-Greece interconnector. That way, we are diversifying our supply routes and connecting to gas sources in the Caspian region and the Middle East as well as to the LNG terminal in the Greek port of Alexandroupolis," Kovacevic said at the tenth...

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