Bulgarian Diaspora in Germany Unites to Celebrate National Day

As Bulgaria commemorates its National Day on March 3rd, nearly 400,000 Bulgarians residing in Germany join in the celebration, highlighting the vibrant and dynamic presence of the Bulgarian diaspora in the country. Known for its allure as a favored destination for Bulgarians seeking opportunities abroad, Germany boasts a thriving Bulgarian community scattered across its cities and towns.

In urban hubs throughout Germany, the unmistakable sound of Bulgarian speech resonates, while Bulgarian establishments such as shops, Sunday schools, and folk dance courses serve as cultural anchors for the community. In areas with concentrated Bulgarian populations, entire neighborhoods pulsate with Bulgarian flair, boasting a plethora of amenities ranging from hair salons to pastry shops, and from boutiques to restaurants.

While official statistics from 2022 approximate the Bulgarian population in Germany at around 400,000 individuals, the true number is believed to surpass this figure significantly, considering factors such as dual citizenship and those who have relinquished their Bulgarian nationality.

Marking the National Day festivities, Bulgarians across Germany come together to revel in the spirit of their homeland. In Stuttgart, Bulgarians gather in the central square for a joyous celebration organized by the local Bulgarian folklore club, "Balkan Dance." Festivities include traditional dances, the distribution of martenitsi to passersby, and an exhibition showcasing Bulgarian folklore and culture.

Bulgarian Sunday schools play a pivotal role in commemorating the occasion, infusing educational settings with patriotic fervor. At Munich's Dora Gabe School, children engage in song, poetry, and storytelling sessions centered around Bulgarian...

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