Shipka Peak: Thousands Gather to Honor March 3 Heroes

Today, on the revered national holiday of March 3, thousands of Bulgarians congregated at the historic Shipka peak and its surroundings to commemorate the sacrifices made for the country's freedom.

President Rumen Radev delivered a stirring speech, met with resounding applause and enthusiastic approval from the crowd. He expressed pride in witnessing the patriotic spirit of the gathered Bulgarians and extended gratitude for their steadfast commitment to preserving March 3 as a national holiday:

"Today is a day to rally around our values, our ancestral commitments. This year, however, is different, and I am here to thank all of you for standing united to safeguard our national holiday. Your unwavering resolve has dispelled the political haze from Bulgaria's past."

"From this magnificent peak, your messages ring clear and strong. We will honor our memory and uphold the legacy of our ancestors. We will steadfastly defend the freedom of our conscience, the sovereignty of our homeland. Eternal memory to the heroes! Long live Bulgaria!" proclaimed the head of state.

Also present at Shipka was Rosen Zhelyazkov, Speaker of the National Assembly, overseeing the festivities at the memorial peak. However, his address was met with disapproval, as attendees voiced chants of "Resign!".

In his speech, Zhelyazkov invoked the profound symbolism of Shipka, hailing it as the Bulgarian Thermopylae and a beacon of national pride:

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