Greek frigate ‘Hydra’ joins Aspides Operation in the Red sea

[InTime News]

The Greek frigate "Hydra" is set to join the European naval mission "Operation Aspides" on Friday, following its transit through the Suez Canal on Sunday, with the aim of enhancing defense against Houthi threats in the Red Sea.

Hydra will dock in Djibouti for 24 hours for refueling and mission preparation, Kathimerini understands. It departed from Salamis Naval Base in the eastern part of the Attica region on Monday, making a stop in the island of Crete before heading to the Red Sea.

"Aspides," which in Greek means "Shields," was launched last month to guard vessels from attack by Iranian-aligned Houthi militants in support of Palestinian militant group Hamas in its war with Israel.

At the crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe, Greece controls the largest merchant fleet in the world and attacks against its vessels have increased. Greece's largest port,...

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