Coalition Quandary: GERB's National Conference Mandates Negotiations with WCC-DB

As Bulgaria braces for a pivotal week, all eyes are on the coalition negotiations between GERB and "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB), which will determine the future of the government. With tensions running high, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's party, GERB, is pushing for a coalition agreement outlining a division of ministerial seats, while WCC-DB insists on a memorandum focusing on key appointments in anti-corruption commissions and regulators.

GERB's national conference empowered its negotiation team, led by Mariya Gabriel, to engage with WCC-DB for a full-term coalition agreement. Borissov emphasized the urgency of reaching a comprehensive agreement, likening it to a marriage. However, he criticized WCC-DB for unilateral decisions on key appointments, signaling growing rifts within the coalition.

Borissov highlighted the deep societal divisions exposed during recent events, warning that early elections could exacerbate the polarization. Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel echoed these sentiments, stressing the need for a stable government led by GERB and emphasizing the party's expertise in legislative matters.

"I suggest you give me this vote of confidence - let's send this negotiation team with this document and try to make a comprehensive management. More of them for 9 months, for 6 months... Let's see, and let's try - we tried for 9 months. Either we do something real, as women like to say - marriage, or nothing - it doesn't work like that," said Borissov.

"On March 3, the state and the people showed a monstrously big division. It came from Shipka Peak. We, as a party, saved March 3 as a national holiday, but our chairman was booed there. Nobody from WCC-DB showed up. In other words, the pro...

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