Historic Milestone: France Embeds Right to Abortion in Constitution

France has made history by becoming the first nation to formally enshrine the right to abortion within its constitution, as reported by France Press.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, in inaugurating the parliamentary discussions, emphasized the moral obligation owed to all women who have endured the physical toll of clandestine abortions. In a resounding mandate, with 780 votes in favor and 72 against, deputies and senators convened jointly at the Palace of Versailles to endorse the constitutional amendment proposed by President Emmanuel Macron's administration.

President Macron praised the development as a source of "French pride"  and highlighted its significance as a "universal message". In a message shared on the X social network, Macron called for a collective celebration of the newfound liberty enshrined in the Constitution.

The reform, as articulated in Article 34 of the constitution, introduces the following provision:  "Legislation establishes the terms under which a woman's ensured freedom to choose voluntary termination of pregnancy is exercised".

Leah Hoctor from the Center for Reproductive Rights, an American organization advocating for abortion rights, described the newly established constitutional provision as unprecedentedly explicit and comprehensive, not just within Europe, but globally. On the eve of this landmark vote, the Vatican, as reported by BTA, expressed opposition to any notion of a "right to take a human life".

"The era of universal human rights cannot endorse any right to take a human life", stated the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Vatican body responsible for bioethical issues, in a statement supporting the opposition voiced by the French bishops.

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