Macron: It will fail, we will do everything...

He said that nothing is excluded in the debate about what can be done to help Ukraine.
"In response to a question I was asked about sending troops (to Ukraine), I said that nothing has been ruled out. Every word counts," Macron repeated.
"Right now the Europeans must ask themselves whether their current strategy corresponds to the declared goals. Our democracies need a boost, they need a strategic awakening," Macron said in an interview with the Czech daily Pravo and the online edition of that newspaper
In the interview that was published today, and in yesterday's announcement, virtually every single news was quoted by the Russian media yesterday that France is not planning to send its soldiers to Ukraine in the near future.
"We are opening a debate and thinking about everything that can be done to help Ukraine. I have always stated what our framework is: we are not at war against the Russian people and we refuse to enter into the logic of escalation. But Ukrainians are fighting for our values, our security and freedom and our approach must be adequate to that challenge," said the French president.
Emmanuel Macron warned that the regime of the Russian president did not win that war as he is trying to portray.
"On the contrary, Russia has suffered a series of strategic failures, NATO has been strengthened and we have made a decision for Ukraine to start negotiations on joining the European Union. Russia is now trying to make us believe that time is playing in its favor, and we will continue to do everything necessary and for as long as it takes to fail, both that calculation and its aggression," Macron said.
The French president recalled that at the end of February, EU members agreed at a conference in Paris to...

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