German Experts Confirm High Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution in Sofia

Recent measurements conducted by a team of experts, led by renowned air quality specialist Dr. Axel Friedrich, have revealed alarming levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution in Sofia, according to reports from the Environmental Association "For the Earth."

The findings of this first-of-its-kind measurement in the city highlight a significant health risk to residents, with transport identified as the primary source of nitrogen dioxide emissions. Dr. Friedrich, a former director at the Federal Environment Agency of Germany and an expert consultant on transport pollution, utilized advanced mobile equipment to conduct precise measurements across various parts of Sofia.

The results are concerning, indicating dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution that exceed World Health Organization recommendations by over 18 times. This confirmation contradicts previous official denials by local authorities and underscores the urgent need for action to address air quality issues in the city.

The absence of previous detections of nitrogen dioxide pollution in Sofia is attributed to the placement of existing automatic measuring stations, which are situated far from roadways and in unsuitable areas, as noted by experts. This oversight has masked the true extent of pollution levels in the city until now.

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